Heads Up! For this Ladies Jacket

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Brand Name: Anne Klein

The garment:  A charcoal ladies suit jacket with white accents made of polyester & rayon. There is black synthetic leather (polyurethane) piping trim at the neckline. The care label simply reads, “Dry Clean.” There are no International Cleanability Code care symbols.

The problem:  After professional drycleaning the bonding agent used to adhere the urethane film to the trim base fabric partially dissolved causing the urethane surface film to separate, blister and peel.

Who’s responsible?  The manufacturer, since this jacket is labeled as drycleanable and thus must be able to withstand the recommended professional cleaning process without damage to any component.

What to do:  This jacket should be returned to the place of purchase or contact the manufacturer.

Kasper Group LLC


Importer, Manufacturing


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New York, NY 10018


Ph. 212-781-5596