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Heads Up for this Rocawear Coat

The garment: A tan cotton jacket with dark brown synthetic leather sleeves. The care label states: “dry clean only” with the corresponding International Code Symbol for drycleaning with no precautions.

The problem: During professional drycleaning as labeled, the vinyl sleeves lost their chemical softening agent, resulting in the sleeves becoming stiff and cracked.

Who’s responsible? The manufacturer since the sleeves attached to this jacket were not able to withstand the recommended care instructions without severe damage.

What to do: This coat should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.

Brand Name: Rocawear
RN#: 135415
Q4 Designs
Importer, Distributor
20 W. 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001
Ph. (866) 524-1758
Email. [email protected]

Rocawear Coat

This jacket could not withstand drycleaning without severe damage to the sleeves.

Rocawear Coat

After drycleaning, the sleeves are now very stiff and blistered.