here are many problems that may occur on athletic jackets when they are cleaned. In most cases, the garments have a woven body with leather or vinyl sleeves.

Also, the garments are usually constructed with contrasting colors between the body, sleeves, and trim.

One of the biggest problems that may occur is dye bleeding and transfer. The dye bleeding may result from the use of solvent-soluble dyes on the fabric or leather portions.

Athletic jackets with leather sleeves and trim may show peeling or flaking after processing. Often, the leather contains a surface finish. The finish may be adversely affected in drycleaning and will peel or flake away from the leather. In some cases, this finish may transfer onto other portions of the item, resulting in further damage.

Garments with vinyl-coated sleeves and trim material may become stiff in drycleaning. This is due to the removal of plasticizer in drycleaning.

Problems with Athletic Jackets