Heads Up! For This Roberto Cavalli Dress shared by Geneva Cleaners, Geneva Dry Cleaners – Geneva, IL

The garment: A brown, white & black geo design dress with
black leather ribbon trim. The fabric is made of silk. The care
label states: Dry Clean with a corresponding International Code
Symbol indicating regular drycleaning in any solvent.

The problem: During proper professional cleaning by any
approved method, as labeled, the black leather trim dye bleeds,
resulting in fading and transfer of black dye onto the nearby

Whos responsible? The manufacturer since the black leather
trim was not able to withstand any standard professional
drycleaning operation without bleeding, fading and adverse dye

What to do: This dress should be returned to the place of
purchase or manufacturer.

Roberto Cavalli S. p. A. (USA)
Retailing, Importer
711 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10018
Ph. 212-755-7722