Do you hate those wire hangers that come with your freshly dry-cleaned clothes? Don’t throw them out. Use them to organize, decorate and display items in your home. Here are 10 great uses for those pesky hangers.

Marshmallow Roaster

This one’s fairly simple, but very important. Uncoil the hanger and make it as straight as possible. Curl up one end by folding it around once or twice to make a handle. This will also make it a bit shorter so it’s stable, but not too short that you’re roasting your hand at the same time. You could also cut it in half and wrap them together to strengthen the stick and roast two marshmallows at once. We suggest sanitizing the end with a cleaner or dish soap. Next, build a fire, add your marshmallows and enjoy. Clean again after use to reuse all summer long.

Calendar or Magazine Display

Hang the hanger on wall with a thumbtack or nail. Then, place a card or magazine on the rack by opening it up and placing the inside fold along hanger. You can also hang a calendar by folding the top part over the back of the hanger and displaying the current month facing out.

wire hangers

Welcome (or Unwelcome) Sign

This is similar to the craft above. Create a Welcome or Happy Valentine’s Day sign with paper. Tape or fold it over the horizontal part of the hanger. You could also create a Do Not Disturb sign if you have kids or annoying roommates.

Scarf Organizer

Loop your scarves, ties or belts over the hanger and hang it up in your closet. This way, you’re taking up less room with these items and they’re easy to find when you need them.

Flip flop storage

This one takes more skill and time, but it’s doable. Cut the hanger on both sides where it starts to bend down. Then loop the ends up towards the hook part of the hanger, creating two more hooks. You can file the ends, loop them a few times or even decorate the hanger to make it prettier if you’d like, but there’s no need. This is for your shoes, not the queen. Hook your flip-flops on the hanger, one on each side, and then hang up. This probably works for flats, too, but we don’t suggest you try any larger shoes. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Hanging Planter

Want to add a bit of green to your home? Don’t waste money on a fancy hanging planter. There are a few ways you can make this work, depending on the items you already have. If you have a plastic planter already and it doesn’t have a hanger, make holes on either side of the planter. Unwrap the hanger and loop it through the hoops, coiling it back up at the top. Hang it up somewhere and then Instagram that junk!

You could also use a colander (that’s a strainer for noodles). This works if it’s a plant that doesn’t require a ton of water. Line the colander with wax paper or newspaper. Hook the hanger through two opposite holes by uncoiling it and then coiling it back up. Add dirt and the plant and then hang up. This one also requires you to share it on social media.

Clean Out The Drain

This one is not Instagram-worthy but it is very handy. If you notice your shower or sink drain isn’t draining like it should be, create a small hook with the wire and then stick it down in the drain. Drag out the gunk and throw it away. Don’t do this directly after lunch

Chip Bag Clip

This one may require some tools or at least some super strong hands. Cut the wire down (probably with a wire cutter) to 6-10 inches, depending on how big you want your clip. Then twist it into a giant paperclip. To make sure it has some clipping power and isn’t too stretched out, you can place something heavy on it for awhile to make sure it has that paperclip structure before you start clipping away. This is also where pliers and brute strength may be helpful.

Key Ring

Again, gets some tools. Use a wire cutter to cut 4-6 inches of wire. Loop it around twice to make a keychain. Placing it under something heavy for a bit will help it keep it shape before you start adding keys.

Nonslip Hanger

Yes, this is reusing the hanger as a hanger, but it counts. If your biggest annoyance with wire hangers is that clothes slip right off and/or don’t keep their shape, we’ve got the solution. Wrap cotton yarn around the topside of the hanger. Loop it tightly from end to end and then clothes will cling to the cotton rather than sliding off. This could save you money, too because you won’t have to go buy velvet or plastic hangers as often

There you have it; wire hangers aren’t not a waste of space. Reuse them around your home each time you get a new one from the dry cleaners. It’s better for you, the environment and your wallet.