fire restoration

Here at Geneva Cleaners we hope that you never have to use this service but if something happens know that we will take care of your stuff from beginning to end.

Before you can deodorize or clean fire-damaged clothing, you must remove the soot. Soot is usually oily and can easily stain clothing. Consider contacting a professional fire restorer.

A restoration professional will be able to provide helpful hints to prevent further damage, determine which items can be refurbished and estimate the cost of deodorizing and cleaning your textiles. Although hiring a professional fire restorer can be expensive, it is proven that the best way to remove smoke odor and soot is with the right equipment and appropriate chemicals.

We can help you with state of the art equipment and processes to restore your favorite items. Insurance companies will agree that cleaning and restoring costs are considerably less than having to replace your garments and clothing.

Geneva Cleaners is a member of Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN). CRDN is an International Organization of textile restoration specialist serving the insurance industry, contractor/content cleaning companies, and property owners.

We work closely with you and your insurance carrier to restore far more than just garments and household textiles. Our experienced and highly trained textile cleaners specialize in insurance restoration as well as laundry and dry cleaning services for all types of loss. Adept at restoring garments and textiles, we offer an effective and proven solution for restoration. Contents are the largest part of insurance claims and more importantly, clothing and fabric items compromise upwards of 23% of that content.

clothing restoration