Heads Up! For These Damaged Pants

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Brand Name: Mani–Inquiries about this garment indicate the brand is a product of the Giorgio Armani Corporation.

The garment: Gray pants made from imitation corduroy fabric. The fiber content label indicates the item is made from 100% viscose. The care label states “dry clean only.” The problem: A synthetic film applied to a base fabric imitates a corduroy pile. This is sometimes called a flocked finish. The surface finish separated and pulled away from the base fabric when the garment was dry cleaned in perchloroethylene.

Who’s responsible? The manufacturer is responsible since the material was not able to withstand dry cleaning.

What to do: The garment should be returned to the retailer.

RN#: 103709:

Trimil Corporation is registered with the Federal Trade Commission as the wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or jobber for this item.

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