Q: Is there a way to remove perspiration stains?

A: Stains from perspiration are usually found on the underarm areas of a garment.

However, any area that contacts the body may have such stains. Perspiration contains fats, oils, and moisture containing impurities that may vary from one person to another. The stain may be invisible at first, but age and the heat of finishing after cleaning will oxidize and turn the stain yellow.

In the case of a drycleanable garment, the remaining stain usually contains water-soluble impurities.

This stain is usually lightened with neutral synthetic detergent and ammonia or a protein formula. Follow with a digester or an enzyme agent if some of the stain remains.

The last traces of a perspiration stain may be removed with hydrogen peroxide. Test for colorfastness by applying several drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide to a sample of the fabric.

If safe, soak the garment in a bath. Use approximately four ounces of bleach per gallon of warm water and soak for several hours. This procedure may cause shrinkage and texture change; thus, the customer’s consent should be obtained before proceeding.

Perspiration Stains